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About Jenny L Y Ho

I have been a sales / marketing professional all my life bearing a strong development mindset that focuses on making things happen. Once identified a goal, I would try my best to achieve it in the best possible way. This mentality keeps me moving forward and earning my way towards career success. The fact that I came from a place renowned for international exposure, culturally diversified population and extremely fast-moving work pace prepares me to be an efficient working partner who can get along well with different walks of life.

For years, I have devoted myself to be a Real Estate professional and Investor. I have been exercising my Customer Relationship Management, Marketing / Selling, Partnership Development and Project Management skills which enhances smooth escrows in my real estate transactions.

My lifetime goal is to build sustainable passive incomes so as to spare time enjoying life. I am so grateful that, up to now, things are going right on track!

English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Understand a little bit of Japanese (I have learnt very basic Japanese in early years and watched Japanese TV Drama. A few of my favorites are Long Vacation, Love Generation, Good Luck, Mr Brain, Heros, Legal High, etc...)

Distinctive Properties Specialist
IRS Certified Volunteer Income Tax Preparer
SPIN Selling, Management, Customer Service, Negotiation, etc... (Job skills training)
Word processing skills, Photoshop, InDesign, etc...(Computer skills)
IT in Education & Training, Adult Education & Training, Hospitality Management (College majors)

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